Carrete-O-Ball de 1930 Bola del juego de béisbol Slot Machine


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1930s Reel-O-Ball Play Ball Baseball Slot Machine with Original Wooden Shipping Crate

1930’s Baseball gambling machine. Very Rare and One of less than a half-dozen known examples, this incredible baseball penny machine from the early 1930’s is in perfect working order with truly exquisite eye appeal. Insert a penny for each pull of the lever, players choose a colored slot and then see what their 1¢ piece brings forth on the rotary-style wheel of fortune, where single, double, strike, ball and home run are all possible outcomes. For particularly impressive spins, the machine rings an interior bell and pays out a token that once upon a time could have been redeemed at the proprietor’s counter for a prize. And if the mere pleasure of chance was not incentive enough to play, each penny also when inserted with pull of the handle dispenses a rainbow gumball. On specific (special) plays an internal bell rings and the machine dispenses a redeemable token (slightly larger than a penny- four rare copper tokens included). The dimensions of machine: 18 “ Tall x 16 in W x 13-½” D and Weighs 41 lbs., the machine works, comes with working lock and keys.

Machine has the original wooden shipping crate that is rare to find and labeled on two sides “Reel-O-Ball from DAYCOM Inc. Dayton, Ohio” and there’s also handwritten “Border Novelty Company”. Also noted the remains of a C.O.D envelope on one side. The crate measures 19” x 18” x 15-1/2”; This example is certainly the finest, as well as being the sole specimen to boast the accompaniment of its original shipping crate. A super rare machine that will become the prized cornerstone of any advanced game machine collector. $8995.00